Pastor Linda Rex portrait, August 5, 2021
Linda Rex

Welcome to the Our Life in the Trinity website. I am a beloved child of God, who has a loving husband and two adult children, and who enjoys writing, art, music. I participate in Christ’s ministry in this world as an elder emeritus with Grace Communion International. I seek to serve and minister God’s grace to each person I meet.

Every moment of every day every one of us shares life with someone, whether with our family, our friends, our community or with God. When all is said and done, and we face the gates of eternity, the only things we will take with us are our relationships and our character. It is my firm belief that we have nothing to fear, for the God who loves us immeasurably has come for us in Jesus Christ and through his Spirit pours out on us his perfect love. He stands willing and waiting at every moment to welcome us into his loving arms. The aim of my life and ministry is to share this incredible good news with anyone who will hear.

On this blog site I seek to share the good news of the grace that is ours in Jesus Christ, the grace which gives us new hope in the midst of struggles, difficulties, death and suffering, while at the same time, offers us a joyful relationship with one another and with the God who does all he possibly can to bring us into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with himself.